February 22, 2022

Meet Our New Roaster - The Aillio Bullet

By Team Halvo
Meet Our New Roaster - The Aillio Bullet

This month we've hit one of our biggest goals that we set for 2022, buying a new roaster! Our old roaster could only roast a small amount of coffee at a time, but with your support we've managed to upgrade to our lovely brand new Aillio Bullet roaster, which roasts in 1kg batches.

100% Renewable Energy

Most coffee roasters use propane gas to roast their coffee. Propane is a natural gas, but it's still considered a fossil fuel. We chose the Aillio Bullet as it's a fully electric roaster. This means we can completely rule out any fossil fuels in our operations, and focus on sourcing our electricity from green and 100% renewable energy suppliers.

More Climate Positive Impact

We now have the capacity to roast a lot more coffee, over 500% more! This means we can start partnerships and collaborations with other small businesses. This in January 2021 alone we've partnered with 2 subscription box companies to feature our coffee, planting over 360+ trees in the process.

With this extra capacity we are able to buy standard quantities of coffees in 70kg hessian sacks. Before we had to rely on other micro-importers to re-package this coffee into small quantities for us to manage. This means we can eliminate more packaging from our operations, reduce our costs and work with companies and importers who share our values in becoming more sustainable.

We're now on the lookout for other like-minded businesses, so if you know of a small cafe, office, or business that could stock sustainable coffee, let us know!