July 10, 2022

Meet the Espresso Tonic: The Spritzy Summer Pick-Me-Up

By Team Halvo
Meet the Espresso Tonic: The Spritzy Summer Pick-Me-Up

Coffee and ice - its a combination that pair perfectly, and you'd be forgiven for thinking the pairings stop at iced lattes and cold brews. But there's a zingier number out there too: the espresso tonic.

Here's our go-to recipe for this lightly carbonated cup of liquid gold. Just brew up, sit back and relax. 

Ingredients for Espresso Tonic

  • 60ml of espresso (we're using our house espresso Red Mountain)
  • 150ml of tonic water
  • Ice
  • A slice of orange (or any other citrus fruit)


  1. Make your espresso and pop aside to cool slightly. 
    (If you're looking for a kick, use 2 shots (60ml) or if you'd prefer a milder taste use 1 shot (30ml)).
  2. Fill up your favourite glass with ice
  3. Pour in your tonic water and leave a 1cm gap at the top.
  4. Slowly pour in your espresso
  5. Add your garnish of orange to finish!
    (You can experiment with different citrus fruits for different coffees. Why not try a wedge of lemon or lime, or maybe a slice of grapefruit!)