We believe the biggest change we can make is to partner charities and causes who are developing sustainable solutions. That's why we're proud to partner with the following companies and support their efforts:

1% for the Planet



Every year, we'll commit to giving at least 1% of our total sales to 1% for the Planet, regardless if we make a profit or loss in that year. 1% for the Planet supports a number of not-for-profit charities focused on Climate Change, Land, Water, Food, Wildlife & Pollution. We hope in supporting these charities we can find solutions to these issues faster, and become a greener planet.



Every month we plant trees and offset carbon via Ecologi's Climate Projects to offset our carbon footprint. You can see where are trees are being planted, and what projects we're supporting via Ecologi, as well as our Journal and Newsletter!

If you'd like to offset your own carbon footprint, you can sign up here to Ecologi. In doing so you'll plant 30 trees in our Halvo Forest, and you'll get an extra 30 trees in your forest too!

World Coffee Research

For every 1 kilogram of coffee we sell, we donate 15p to World Coffee Research. World Coffee Research funds projects are designed to enhance the livelihoods of the producers who are the stewards of both quality and productivity. By supporting World Coffee Research, we're supporting the development of higher quality coffee, more productive coffee farms and a more sustainable livelihood for coffee farmers.

Project Waterfall

We are a proud supporter of Project Waterfall, a charity helping to bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world.

Regardless of where a community is, or how big it is, Project Waterfall’s aim is to implement tangible and sustainable solutions that create access to water and improve the quality of it. Since 2011, they’ve raised over £1.5million and changed more than 70,000 lives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

We donate 15p from every kilo of coffee we sell to help bring an end to the water crisis in coffee-growing communities.