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We're big believers in being open and transparent about our business. This holds us accountable for everything we do in our business for everyone to see.

Our Coffee Buying Transparency Data

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As a small roastery, there are some limitations we face which you may spot within our data.

The biggest of all is the lack of FOB pricing (free on board). As we only buy small quantities of coffee, we work with companies called Importers. In a nutshell, importers 'discover' lots of coffee, and then work with the producers/farmers in shipping it to roasters like ourselves. Due to the volume of the coffee we're buying we only have a limited lots we can choose from, many of which the farmer hasn't consented of this pricing being shared.

As we grow, we hope to share this information and work with importers who are able to provide this information. In turn this makes the industry more transparent, and enable to build sustainable relationships with farmers. 

We aim to share the current information below but we yet don't have enough data for this. Come back shortly when we should have this information ready.

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