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Cajamarca Decaf - Peru

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Decaf with Taste

This blend of coffees from Cajamarca in Northern Peru makes an amazing coffee with tasting notes of juicy plum, a chocolatey body, with a sweet red apple finish. Great going into the evening, or keeping those caffeine levels low!

Naturally Decaffeinated

Unlike some decaf coffees, this coffee has been decaffeinated with no harsh chemicals. This coffee is soaked in sparkling water, which draws out the caffeine molecules within the coffee, and then the water is evaporated. This process is repeated until there are low levels of caffeine within the coffee.

Please note: Our 1kg bags are LDPE-4 Plastic, and can be recycled at certain locations. Please check on RecycleNow.com and search "Soft Plastics".


Transparency Information:

Origin: Peru
Coffee: Cajamarca Blend
Region: Cajamarca, Northern Peru
Owners: Multiple Small Holders
Varietal:  Caturra and Bourbon
Processing: Sparkling Water Decaf
Elevation: 1,500 - 1,700 masl.
Importer: Falcon Speciality
Net Weight: 250g