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Kalitia Wave Cloth Filter

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Only 2 left

Made from an organic cotton and hemp blend, this cloth Kalita Wave filter gives you the best of both worlds between metal and paper filters. Letting through more oils than paper, but holding back all of the fines that metal filters let through, you get a sweeter, more full bodied cup, but with none of the silt. Made with a bias binding, these filters are built to last, and if taken care of will give you hundreds of delicious cups of coffee.

This filter is also compatible with the April Brewer too!

Why Use a Cloth Filter?

It’s Reusable

If you drink quite a bit of filter coffee (one a day, more?). That’s a lot of paper to be getting through. With a cloth filter, you can get hundreds of uses out of a single product, reducing pollution from manufacturing and transport and saving you some money.

The Coffee Tastes Delicious

Cloth filters are like the perfect middle ground between paper and metal. The holes are larger than in paper, so they let through more of the fats that add flavour and body, but small enough to not let through the sediment that makes it into the cup with a metal filter.