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Red Mountain - Brazil

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The perfect morning coffee

Red Mountain is our deliciously syrupy single-origin that shines with pomegranate acidity, brown sugar sweetness and bold notes of molasses. When brewed as an espresso and paired with milk, Red Mountain is chocolatey sweet, well balanced and comforting. As a filter, bright pomegranate takes centre stage to produce a medium acidity with familiar honeyed undertones.

About this coffee

This Catuaí varietal from the Rio Brilhante Farm in the Cerrado region of Brazil is naturally processed with a 24 hour fermentation period. As the cherries dry in the sun, the green bean absorbs the rich goodness of its outer layers, naturally fermenting and producing exciting results in the cup.

Please note: Our 1kg bags are LDPE-4 Plastic, and can be recycled at certain locations. Please check on RecycleNow.com and search "Soft Plastics". 


Transparency Information

Origin: Brazil
Farm: Rio Brilhante
Region: Cerrado
Owner: Inacio Carlos Urban
Varietal:  Catuaí
Processing: Natural, 24 hour Fermentation
Elevation: 1,050 meters above sea level

Harvest: October 2021 - February 2022
Importer: Mercanta