Sage ClaroSwiss Water Filter

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Don't let poor and hard water quality ruin your coffee experience!

The Sage ClaroSwiss Water Filter softens water to prevent scale build-up, ensuring that your coffee tastes as pure and delicious as possible. With the Sage ClaroSwiss Water Filter, you can trust that your coffee machine will perform at its best for as long as possible without any costly repairs.

Sage ClaroSwiss Water Filter is compatible with the following machines:

Oracle Touch (SES990)
Oracle (SES980 - Batch 1750 & up)
Bambino Plus (BES500)
Barista Pro (SES878)
Barista Express (SES875 - Batch 1735 & up)
Barista Touch (SES880)
Dual Boiler (BES920 - Batch 1749 & up)
Duo-Temp Pro (BES810 - Batch 1738 & up)
Precision Brewer Thermal (SDC450)

If your batch number is lower, your machine uses the Sage Charcoal Water Filters.

Please check your existing filter or machine batch code to ensure that the machine is compatible. Unsure on your Batch number? Get in touch via our Live Chat or WhatsApp.